This project is maintained by the ME3Explorer Team

01 Feb 2019 - ME3Explorer has officially ceased development. See here for more details.

What is ME3Explorer?

ME3Explorer is the unofficial, fan-built "creation kit" for the Mass Effect trilogy. The "toolset", as it's often called, consists of over 60 individual tools bundled into the same program. Each tool has different functionalities that are restricted to a certain file type, game asset, or both. Most tools are made for ME3; a few have been ported for ME1 and ME2.

Many well-known mods have been created with the toolset, including: BackOff, CEM, Expanded Galaxy Mod, MEHEM, JAM, ThaneMOD, and many others. ME3Explorer also contains a variety of utilities and mod installation tools for users, some of which are necessary to use the aforementioned mods.

Choosing your Download Type | Stable or Beta

ME3Explorer is compatible with Windows 7 and above, and requires .NET framework 4.6.1. Most toolset users should stick to the stable release of ME3Explorer, hosted on Nexusmods. This version lacks the most recent changes, but has been more thoroughly tested and contains fewer bugs.

Toolset developers, mod creators who need to have access to the latest changes, and advanced users who wish to help with testing the toolset, should use the latest Beta release hosted here on GitHub. Just click the "Latest Beta" button and you'll be directed to the Releases page. Revisions are in reverse-chronological order.

Our Community

While our community has gone through many changes since getting started in 2012, we have always been and continue to be a single-player-centric modding community. ME3Explorer can (and is) used to mod multi-player, but we don't actively support these discussions on the forums or wiki, and the toolset is developed with single-player in mind.

BioWare's Stance on Modding

Standalone (non-Origin) copies of Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 are safe to mod without repercussion. BioWare's stance on modding Mass Effect 3 is dependent upon campaign type. No action will be taken against players who mod single-player content, but they do so at their own risk. Modding multi-player can be a bannable offense if the mod gives the player an unfair advantage. Players who choose to mod these files must do so with extreme caution


The toolset community is ever-evolving and always in need of help. We'd love for you to join us! Anyone can participate in development discussions, share thoughts, and field help requests on the forum. Advanced users can volunteer to be testers or contribute to wiki articles. Programmers can create new tools or help maintain existing ones. If you're interested in helping out, first read more details on the wiki, then head over to the forums to say hello!


ME3Explorer is not affiliated with BioWare, Electronic Arts, or Unreal/Epic Games in any way. We make no money from this project. You use our program at your own risk; we are not responsible for any damage to your game or PC by using the toolset.